Are You Really Getting Ready For Summer Health?

May 27, 2017


It is now the end of May. New Year's Day and it's resolutions are now 5 months old. How are you doing with them? Did you even make any? What about your plans to eat healthy? Have a better body (inside and out)?


The food we ingest is a vital part of our health. Most of what the average american eats is not real food. For example:  How many of you grew up on macaroni and cheese out of a box? Raise your hand. Yep, most of you. Sorry to inform you, that is not real food. It is not adding nutrients to your body.


Real food spoils. When you go to the grocery store, the food that spoils is along the outside and in asiles that are refrigerated or frozen. This is where you want the bulk of your food intake to come from. The processed foods have many chemical compounds in them your body does not need. Actually, your body has a hard time processing them. Some of these chemicals get trapped in your body.  Your cells take a beating from all this and do not function to their full potential.


Let's face it, we all eat processed food. It is inevitable. So what can we do to help our health under these circumstances? One of the best things you can do is detox. That's right, detox. There are detoxes that you ingest or you can detox in an infrared sauna. A healthy cell must be able to excrete waste material on a consistent basis. When toxins build up faster than they can be eliminated, it causes major problems. Infrared Sauna use increases blood flow, removes harmful toxins, relaxes muscle spasms. The toxins that get trapped in your cells from eating those processed can be eliminated thru use of an infrared sauna. 


Just taking small steps to get your health on track is a start. Watch what you buy at the grocery store, and how it is packaged/stored (will it spoil?). Detoxing your body regularly to eliminate the toxins. You only have one body, make it last.


You can contact Integrity Total Wellness at 248-884-7288 

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