Depression help in Rochester Hills, MI 48307

When most people think of depression, they think of someone who can't get out of bed. However, many people manifest depression in a different way: uncharacteristic behavior, addiction, discontentment and failed relationships.

There is HOPE! At Integrity Total Wellness we use drug-free solutions that bring amazing results. ~ Shirley Patterson, MA, LLPC, CHt

Long-term anxiety is the biggest risk factor for the onset of depression. The brain finally says "I'm done" and basically checks out.

To use technical terms, the brain switches from using Beta dominant in the right hemisphere, to having high Beta in the left. When that shift occurs, depression sets in. 

As a Licensed Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist, I have various modalities I utilize with my clients based on their individual needs. There is no "typical" session, as each session is unique. You may even have "homework" to help solidify the information/training received in a particular session. I help depressed individuals get off or reduce, unnecessary medication and feel the confidence to live life to their ultimate potential.

PEMF Therapy has helped many men, women, and children reduce their depression. PEMF generates a concentrated pulsed electro magnetic field which pulsates rapidly. These pulses activate neurons within the brain which are believed to release neurotransmitters. The same which are released artificially through antidepressant medication.

At Integrity Total Wellness we understand and have compassion on those suffering from depression, because it really is not their fault! Counseling along with Hypnotherapy and or PEMF Therapy is the answer. All are highly-effective treatments performed in our office. Clients of all ages benefit greatly from utilizing these techniques.

Depression help in 48307


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