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Seeking the help of a professional therapist can be the answer to resolving tough issues and getting your life back on track ~ often with only a few counseling sessions. We offer Counseling in Rochester Hills, MI






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Are you struggling emotionally and ready to transform your experience?

The Problem

You're realizing that it's time to make a change. Maybe you've been to therapy before and you "get it" mentally, but you still can't "shift it". Is your body in constant pain from all of the tension and stress you carry around? Are you realizing that you not able to focus as well at work? Or that you're having a hard time interacting with your partner, your kids or your friends?  Are you wishing that you could just be happy? That somehow you could figure out how not suffer so much and learn to live your life differently?

Everyone goes through tough times. Whether is because our circumstances change like job loss or a relationship ends or something internal shifts such as a relapse into a depressive or anxious mood, no one is a stranger to hardship. It is not unusual for people to feel emotional pain or discomfort during tough times or periods of adjustment. Sometimes, we are able to move through it. Maybe the circumstances got better or somehow we were able to manage using old defenses or healthy coping skills. Other times, you need help. 


We can help you find the joy, clarity and balance that you're looking for whether it's for yourself, your child or your relationships. Call us today to get started 248-884-7288. Start your COUNSELING in ROCHESTER HILLS 48307.

When are you going to become so fed up with whatever it is, that you will do whatever it takes to make that change?


Shirley is a fantastic person with tremendous knowledge, experience, empathy, and insightfulness. I highly recommend her!!

Mary White                                 


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